Cara Michele DiMassimo

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About the Artist

My life as an artist began with drawing and painting as a young girl. I was primarily interested in developing a realistic style, and was particularly attracted to the animate: animals, and especially the human form. I was blessed to be “discovered” in a 7th grade art class by well-known artist, Tim O'Kane. He became my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. While I was a high-school student he brought me to figure drawing classes. He helped me to hone my drawing skills, taught me to paint with oils, and broadened my horizons with art history. I went on to focus on drawing and painting while earning my BFA from James Madison University, and continued to develop my personal style while living in Manhattan and studying alternate media through classes at the School of Visual Arts.

A major change in direction took place in 2004, when I opened The Glass Palette with my mother in Charlottesville, VA. My focus became the art of fused glass, and after learning how to use glass as an artistic medium, I finally began to create my own style of art through glass, allowing my background in painting to influence and inform my work.

Glass is in itself an expressive medium. It is vibrant, fragile, mysterious, and timeless. Glass is modern and ancient, classical and contemporary. My work seeks to embrace what is inherent to glass as a medium – to use its expressiveness as a vehicle to articulate my visions. It is not merely a canvas. Every element participates in the communicative process.

My panels are created using cut glass, flame-worked glass, glass powders and enamels to produce my original designs. After they are kiln fired (usually multiple times) at around 1400 degrees, they are often sand carved to achieve depth and translucency.


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Cara teaches classes at The Glass Palette and through PVCC Workforce Services.